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Cloud Carosel

Cloud Server

Whether you want just one cloud server or a complete tailor-made solution our UK based, enterprise, high availability cloud infrastructure will provide all the foundations for your intricate needs.

We'd love to help you expand by allowing you to concentrate on your products and services while we look after your all important hosting needs. The only way you'll appreciate our offering is to sample it for yourself. Call us to chat about what you need.

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Web Hosting

This range of packages are perfect if you want to start your own blog, create your first personalised website or perhaps get your sleeves rolled up with Wordpress, to get your message out more creatively and effectively.

Well you've landed in the right place. We can help at a minimal monthly rate and move as fast as you dare ask us to. As yet no client has ever been deemed 'too small for us'. In any case, we're here to help you and your message grow!

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Premium Hosting

Ever got the feeling your website isn’t performing as well as it could be? You run your website like a business. Great so do we. If you're serious about website performance, you need a premium solution.

Time is money - All of your premium clients receive fast and focused attention with packages specifically designed for business needs. All backed by your own account manager, our UK enterprise cloud infrastructure and mission critical support

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About Us

Welcome to our world; the world of Decode Hosting. The ultimate solution for all your essential hosting requirements.

Choosing the right company for the intricacies of hosting often comes down around things like security of data storage, confidentiality, and the optimised use of resources. At Decode Hosting we’ve thought about this a great deal. So much so that we're incredibly confident that every client is quick to spot why we're so far ahead in what we do best - giving you the edge in what you do with the total confidence to engage our team as part of your team.

Our business is built on our three inherent customer values:

  • creating mutual trust,
  • getting it right for each and every client
  • providing the highest level support 24/7 regardless of the situation
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